Term Dates 2019
  • Term 1             4th February to 13th April - 10 weeks
  • Term 2             29th April to 6th July - 10 weeks
  • Term 3             22nd July to 28th September - 10 weeks
  • Term 4             14th October to 21st December - 10 weeks

Please Note:

Rehearsal & Concert will be held in December 2019 (date to be confirmed), at Camden Civic Centre

Latest News! 
  • 2018 Concert Info Guide
  • 2019 Timetable
  • Private Lesson Guidelines
  • Full Dance Uniforms MUST BE WORN! Under No Circumstances are street clothes acceptable. A full range of dance wear is available directly from Dance Magic Academy including tights, jackets, tops, shorts, pants, leotards, skirts and cross-overs. See 'Uniform Guide' for full details.
  • Outstanding Fee Payments! Any unpaid, outstanding fees and if the Customer is in default of his/her obligation to pay the overdue account, will be referred to a debt collection agency, and/or law firm for collection, and the Customer shall be liable for the recovery costs incurred. All classes must be paid for whether attended or not.
  • No Video Filming or Photographs during Classes - A reminder to parents that due to Child Protection and Privacy Laws you are not allowed to photograph or video film students during classes at Dance Magic Academy. You may take a still photo of your child only, unless you have permission from another parent to photograph their child.

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Fees 2019
Please refer to Class Fees

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Term Payments:

Direct Deposit Details:

Account Name: J.Spicer T/A Dance Magic Academy

BSB: 641800

Account No.: 200764660

Payment Reference (eg): KSmithTerm


All students must complete a Direct Debit form at time of Enrolment. The Direct Debit Form must be completed and returned immediately, to finalise the enrolment process. Term Payments may be made in person or via Direct Deposit and must be received by the first Friday of each Term. Term Payments not received by this time will be automatically Direct Debited from your account. For parents unable to pay Term Fees in a lump sum, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payments will be received by Direct Debit ONLY. Please note that Direct Debit payments incur an external fee of approximately $1.20 per transaction plus a small one off "set up fee".
Annual Enrolment fees are payable at the time of enrolment.

Any unpaid, outstanding fees and if the Customer is in default of his/her obligation to pay the overdue account, will be referred to a debt collection agency, and/or law firm for collection, and the Customer shall be liable for the recovery costs incurred. All classes must be paid for whether attended or not.

Casual Fees
A limited number of Casual Positions are available for Adult Classes only, payable for classes attended, not for missed lessons. Casual students do not have the option of undertaking examinations or of performing in the Concert. Casual positions are limited so check for availability.
Casual Adult 10 Class Purchase allows you to attend any Adult Classes for up to 10 Classes within a Calendar Year.
Third Sibling Discount of 50% off class fees (not applicable to Performance Group Levy, Casual Fees or Private Lessons). Multiple Class Package Deals for 3 or more classes available!

Private Lesson Guidelines

  • Private Lessons must be paid for in advance or as attended.
  • Students with unpaid lessons of more than 1 week, will not be able to attend their Private Lesson until fees are up to date.
  • If a student falls more than 2 weeks behind in Private Lesson Payments, they will forfeit their position and their time slot will be given to another student on the Waiting List.
  • Private Lessons may only be undertaken if all Fees are up to date.
  • Students must attend at least one group class (in the same style as their Private) before they may request a Private Lesson and need to have clear goals that they wish to achieve in this one on one environment.
  • If a student is unable to attend their normal weekly Private Lesson, 18hrs notice of cancellation is essential or you will be required to pay for the lesson even if the student did not attend.
  • Routines remain the intellectual property of Dance Magic Academy and may only be performed by the student with approval from DMA.
  • Routines may not be reproduced by the student or used in any way without consent from Dance Magic Academy.
It is important to look well groomed, neatly presented and take pride in your appearance as a dancer, no matter what style of dance you study. Dance attire is specially designed to fit the dancer's body so their movements can be clearly seen by the teacher. Loose and ill fitting street wear is not suitable for most classes as it can hide incorrect technique and impede movement.
  • Long hair should be tied back neatly from the student's face and firmly secured. Ribbons and hair clips may be worn in a complimentary colour to the appropriate uniform.
  • For all Ballet, National Character, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Stretch & Strengthen and Performance Group classes, long hair is to be well secured in a classical style at the back of the head (bun, knot or contemporary 'up' style). In class, under no circumstances, should hair hang loose upon the shoulders.
  • For Hip Hop, Acrodance and Adult classes, longer hair may be worn in a pony tail or similar, but should not hang in the dancer's face.
  • Wrist watches, bracelets, necklaces and dangly earrings should not be worn for safety reasons.
  • It is important to look well presented. Clean tights give legs an important pulled-up feeling, as a well fitting leotard makes a dancer looked well groomed and ready to work.
  • Ballet shoes should fit like a second skin with a small amount of room for growth allowance. A shoe too large and sloppy is dangerous and too small will cramp the toes.
  • Dance attire and uniforms are available directly from Dance Magic Academy or Anything Dance located at Blaxland Road Campbelltown. Also from Target, Big W, Best & Less and Bloch or Energetiks.
  • Dance shoes are available directly from Dance Magic Academy or Anything Dance located at Blaxland Road Campbelltown. Also from Bloch or Energetiks.
  • New students may wish to wait for a couple of weeks before purchasing specific dance gear and comfortable, stretchy clothing may be worn instead. Temporary footwear such as soft or rubber soled shoes for Tiny Dancers, Ballet & Jazz classes and hard soled shoes for Tap classes are acceptable.
Refer to the Uniform Guide for detailed information on class attire.

Uniform Pool

DMA PreLoved Dance Gear

At Dance Magic Academy we have a PreLoved Dance Gear Facebook Page where parents and students can buy and sell PreLoved items of dance attire. Children usually tend to outgrow their dance gear and shoes before they wear them out and it is a great way to pick up a quality item without the expensive price tag.  Due to health regulations NO PRELOVED TIGHTS can be sold.


If your kids have outgrown their dancing gear and shoes, post a photo including size, brand, condition and price of the item. Term 1 is the best time of year to sell dance gear. In particular SHOES: Hip Hop Sneakers, Tan and Black Jazz Shoes, Tan Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoes, plus Leotards, DMA Jackets, all these items are in demand.



A very big part of the concert experience are the stunning costumes that all performers get to wear. At DMA we hire some costumes and source high quality best value garments to help keep costume fees as low as possible. Some costumes will remain the property of Dance Magic Academy however most costumes will remain your own to keep.


To assist with the cost of concert costumes, Dance Magic Academy has implemented an easy payment plan included with class fees and provide quarterly Costume Fund Statements for each student. Term Payments are due the first Friday of each term. Students in each class will learn a routine (some classes learn 2 or 3 routines) for the concert.


Costumes are ordered and made in June/July. If a student has not made any contributions to their Costume Fund by this time then no costume will be organised for them.


Costume Budget $85 per routine, often less depending on style of dance.

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