18mths to 5yrs
Designed to stimulate a child's imagination and develop their musical skills through movement and creativity. Ada's Little Gems is an imaginative program aiming to build confidence and introduce children to the world of dance.
Incorporating elements from Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap in one program, that is fun and creative, focusing on children's strengths and abilities.
Level 1: 18mths to 3yrs
Level 2: 4yrs to 5yrs
Parents and carers may accompany their little dancer in Level 1 classes to help them settle into our program. Level 2 Parents are able to watch classes from the waiting area through the glass partition. 
3yrs to 6yrs

Acrobatic basics for Dance, increasing coordination, flexibility and strength, as students roll, tumble, bend and somersault through class.


Parents are able to watch classes from the waiting area through the glass partition.
5yrs to 6yrs
A wonderful introduction to classical ballet where children are introduced to a delightful, gently structured class where they imagine being Mice, Pussycats, Birds, Ponies, Teddy Bears and more.
Students study ADA Australasian Dance Association Syllabus PrePrimary Level.
Parents are able to watch classes from the waiting area through the glass partition.

5yrs to 6yrs
A fabulous class allowing students to learn funky moves from Jazz and Hip Hop styles, plus making loads of noise with foundation Tap technique
Students study ADA Australasian Dance Association Syllabus PrePrimary Level.
Parents are able to watch classes from the waiting area through the glass partition.




From 7yrs (Primary Level)

Classical Ballet evokes images of romantic ballerinas, swathed in white tulle, skillfully dancing 'on pointe'. It is the universal language of music combined with graceful movement. It can be delicate, blending lightness with a lyrical beauty but can also be exciting, displaying speed and dexterity with an earthy vitality. It is the most elegant and demanding of the performing arts and the ballet class is a perfect balance of exercise, starting with basic technique at the barre leading up to centre work and culminating in spectacular turns and leaps. Ballet has the added benefits of strengthening posture and providing a strong foundation for all other forms of dance.



From 7yrs (Primary Level)
Jazz is an essential element of 'Musical Theatre' choreography and is a form of dance commonly used in Broadway shows, music videos and movies. Sharp movements, incredible precision and fast vigour are the basis for this exciting technique. Even though Jazz dancing might look easy and fun, dancers have to be in really good shape and are trained to build stamina and powers of endurance.
The essence of Jazz dance is to bring entertainment to the people, with the dancer conveying an attitude to the audience. Including a large diversity of styles from smooth modern steps with a lyrical lightness to movements that are big and exaggerated, Jazz is the most popular dance form for amateur dancers.
From 7yrs (Primary Level)
Tap Dancing takes its name from the small metal plates on the dancer's shoes which make a 'tapping' sound when they strike a hard floor. Lively and rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician, as Tap dancers make frequent use of syncopation.
Tap can have a funky street feel, like Tap Dogs, or have that old school charm and style, like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Ann Miler. Tap combines elegance, grace, rhythm, originality and precision. It is dynamic, exhilarating and fun. A love of tap dance lasts a lifetime.



From 7yrs

These are fantastic classes and push students to tackle leaps, kicks, turns, falls and unconventional movements. It can be described as a combination of Jazz and Classical Ballet technique and students must also attend Ballet classes to ensure they have the correct fundamental training required.


Contemporary Dance is an explosive art form and a dynamic force that is both exciting and rewarding, where movements seem to well up from within the dancer and spill over, sharing the experience with those watching. Based upon the concept of fall and recovery where gravity pulls the body down into a fall, and the body's own efforts against gravity make it recover. Contemporary Dance is largely influenced by classical ballet technique, but produces more lyrical and flowing lines with seamless movement.


This class may only be taken by students already participating in Jazz and/or Classical Ballet classes.



From 6yrs

Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews.


Movements include 'Popping' and 'Locking' isolations as dancers control specific parts of their bodies with quick contractions, fast footwork often known as 'Shuffling' , 'Breaking' characterised by acrobatic power moves, plus a 'Jazz-Funk' commercial Hip Hop dance style.



From 7yrs (Primary Level)
National Character Dance involves styles from other countries incorporating basic folk steps with technical skill.
With a strong grounding in classical ballet technique, it is however more robust and rhythmical than ballet and is of great importance, giving insight into costumes, music and dance origins of ethnic communities and countries.
This class may only be taken by students already participating in Classical Ballet classes.
From 7yrs
ACRODANCE is quite different from Gymnastics, often referred to in the dance world as 'Acro' for short. Acro is designed especially for dancers including softer more lyrical lines that are emphasised through tricks and beautiful balances.
All dancers aspiring to pull off amazing ‘tricks’ that are becoming integrated into choreography more and more commonly, need to learn the basics of correct acrobatic skills so they can be included in exciting, breathtaking routines.
Students train to increase their core strength and flexibility, whilst learning to master flips, tumbles, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges and aerial movements. It is a highly athletic dance form, and requires a strong level of fitness.




From 6yrs

Become a Triple Threat!

A well rounded experience for students, will include Singing, Dance & Drama. Learning Song & Dance routines and excerpts from Musical Theatre Broadway Shows where music and lyrics form part of the storyline and character roles.

From 6yrs
Students combine their Acrobatic and Dance skills in this entertaining, high energy, physical class with jumps, kicks, leaps, tumbles, stunts, pyramid towers, and partner work, working towards creating a solid team with perfect unison.


From 7yrs

Students learn how to control and centre the body, improve precision of movement and the flow of motion as well as correct breathing and relaxation techniques. Stretching and strengthening trains the body to support and adjust a technical correction without strain or injury. Students gain muscle strength and flexibility while improving their endurance, building stronger, healthy bodies.


DMA Showkids (by invitation only)

A limited number of students who demonstrate sound technique, great potential, positive attitude, dedication in classes and a strong attendance record are invited to be an integral part of our hand-picked group of dancers to represent DMA at local Eisteddfods (dance competitions), Public Events, Concerts and Community Performances.


As students will learn a large variety of different dance styles, it is essential they attend a minimum of Two Exam Syllabus classes in ADA Ballet, plus Tap and/or Jazz, and compulsory Stretch & Strengthen. Even though these are the minimum class requirements for Performance Group Students, the more classes students attend and different styles of dance they learn, the better they will become.


Becoming a member of our Performance Group requires an understanding from Parents that they are committed to attending Rehearsals and Performances as required.


Students chosen to be a member of the DMA Showkids, have a wonderful opportunity to gain performance experience which is vital for any young dancer. Students build self-confidence, learn discipline and enhance their artistic development, all while developing a strong sense of teamwork and friendship. Students are helped to achieve their personal best, but most importantly are embraced into our DMA Family for a terrifically fun journey together into the performing arts world.



Lovely classes covering the basics of classical ballet technique for Beginners through to more demanding and challenging exercises in the higher levels. Ballet is a wonderful way to improve fitness, muscle tone, strength and stamina whilst allowing you to enter a world of beautiful music, grace and sheer joy of dance.
If you always dreamt of trying ballet but thought you were too old or it was too late, or perhaps wanted to return to a childhood activity then these classes are the perfect choice. The classes are friendly, non-competitive, but most importantly great fun.

It is never too late or impossible for anyone to learn to dance. Tap Dancing is one of the most enjoyable and exciting forms to learn, as it conveys simplicity and lightheartedness.


Our Beginners Class covers all the basic technique required to learn this really fun and lively form of dance. We get you up and tapping straight away, putting together some funky rhythm combinations and patterns that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Our Level 2 Adult classes will really give you a great workout.


If you have never danced before or are a talented ‘hoofer’ from way back, we have classes to suit your level and will have you smiling, laughing and making new friends while improving your fitness. Just get out there and dance!


Fun classes that start with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises combining Pilates and Yoga that are designed to improve suppleness and tone muscles without strain or injury. Classes then move onto fundamental Jazz steps and dance combinations, finishing with building a routine week by week. All exercises are demonstrated in a step-by-step process and are safe for a range of body types and fitness levels.


We have classes suitable for beginners through to adults with advanced dance experience.


Rooted in the diverse history of Broadway musicals. Relying heavily on a knowledge of ballet, tap, and jazz, musical theater dancers are, first and foremost, performers that place a high focus on musical interpretation. Theatrical performances often combine songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.

Get ready for the glamour of heels as dancers perform in Chorus Shoes, learn sophisticated routine choreography, and delve into funny, sassy and entertaining roles of much loved Musical Theatre characters.

Some previous dance experience is recommended although not compulsory.


Based on European Folk Dance filled with Polkas, Gallops, Waltzes, Leaps, Footwork, Partnering and loads of SPINS. Definitely one of the MOST FUN Dance Styles to learn.


No prior experience is required for these classes. Gain fitness, improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.

For dancers, Dance Conditioning can complement training by developing whole-body strength and flexibility, and help reduce the risk of injury.